SHAPLA NEER = Citizens’ Committee in Japan for Overseas Support


For NGOs

Q. We are a South American NGO. Does SHAPLA NEER have a grant for us?
A. SHAPLA NEER focuses its project areas on Bangladesh and Nepal. If you are the Bangladeshi or Nepalese NGO, SHAPLA NEER does not accept applications by project. The NGOs who work with SHAPLA NEER should make a contract as a partner organization.
Q. I am an NGO staff. Does SHAPLA NEER have a staff training program in Japan?
A. We are afraid that SHAPLA NEER does not have a staff training program from overseas so far.
Q. Does SHAPLA NEER introduce Japanese ODA (Official Development assistance)?
A. No. Please make a contact directly with the Japanese Embassy of your country.


For Individuals

Q. I am not Japanese. Can I join SHAPLA NEER as member?
A. Yes. If you are interested, please email to More information will be sent soon. However, please note that there is no newsletter translated into non-Japanese languages.
Q. I am not Japanese. Can I work in SHAPLA NEER as a volunteer?
A. Yes. You are the most welcome! There are offices in Tokyo as well as other 32 local supporter groups all over Japan. Please email for current volunteer opportunities.
Q. I would like to see the project in Bangladesh and Nepal.
A. If you are able to obtain visa, you can join our study tour. For further information such as schedule and application, please email