SHAPLA NEER = Citizens’ Committee in Japan for Overseas Support

Supporting Underprivileged Communities in South Asia

Children in Bangaladesh

Shapla Neer work with people in Bangladesh and Nepal, as well as in Japan. By partnering with local NGOs, we work to support socio-economically underprivileged people such as street children, working children, widows, elderly, and the disabled.

Empowering Communities

Children in Nepal

We believe that all people can stand independently. However, due to social injustice, some people lose the power to provide for themselves, and are stripped of their dignity. SHAPLA NEER is earnestly working towards empowering the community members who are victims of discrimination. We believe in empowering individuals directly, so that they themselves can influence their families and communities into bringing about a more just society.

Social and Institutional Change


In order to create a society where everyone can live with dignity, it is essential to empower not only individuals, but also change the structure and ideology of society and institutions.. We are asking for help from influential leaders within Bangladesh and Nepal so that social change can be facilitated.

Acting as Facilitators of Awareness


In order to bring about individual empowerment and social reform, it is important for involved parties to realize their own strength and abilities. SHAPLA NEER’s role is to facilitate awareness within individuals. We work with local partner organizations to promote empowerment and thus bring about change in society and institutions.