SHAPLA NEER = Citizens’ Committee in Japan for Overseas Support


Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake Relief Operation Report

Your donation will help save lives, fight poverty and create a better future world for everyone.

Your financial contribution can make a big difference to people across Bangladesh and Nepal.

Make a Single Donation

We are aiming to alleviate poverty across East Asia through lasting solutions that raise their standard of living and create jobs. You can save lives and fight poverty today with a donation to SHAPLA NEER. Your support of SHAPLA NEER is greatly appreciated.

Donation to overall activities
There is no fixed amount or times. Please feel free to decide how much and when to donate.

Donation for a particular activity (Report will be sent every year)

・ Child’s Dream Fund : 36,500yen a year
This donation will directly support the street children and working children.

・ Lively Village Fund: 100,000 yen This donation will support a unit village in Bangladesh and Nepal. It will cover most of the activities run in the village, such as education, health, income generation, etc.

・ Literacy Class Fund: 40,000yen This donation will support the people who couldn’t attend school because of poverty, learn how to write, read and calculate.

Postal Banking transfer is preferred for all remittance.

Postal Account: 00130-6-63672

Account Name: SHAPLA NEER
※ Credit Card is also available.(Please contact the office for more information)


Your support, is our tomorrow. If you are interested in supporting our effort for a better world, please join us.

Become a Member of SHAPLA NEER

Membership Fee (per year) Regular Members-12,000 Yen (Given a voting right on SHAPLA NEER’s issues and the selection of the our board f directors at the annual general meetings.)

Associate Members -6,000 Yen
Student Members -3,000 Yen
Group associate members -30,000 Yen

Become a Monthly Supporter

Your a fixed monthly donation (1,000 Yen/month or more) makes you a member of SHAPLA NEER Monthly Supporter. Your regular support each month, SHAPLA NEER is able to plan for the future with a long-term commitment.