We are deeply shocked to witness the devastating earthquake that struck off Japan on Friday and unleashed the tsunami which lashed its northeastern coast, resulting in the deaths of thousands of people in the twin disasters. Our heartfelt condolences over the loss of lives in the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami ! We sympathized with the Japanese people in their time of grief !!
We have built bonds of friendship over a long time and whatever happens in Japan is felt by the people in Nepal. We are confident Japan would emerge stronger from the twin disasters and we hope to extend moral support and we are going to stand with the Japanese people as they recover and rebuild from this tragedy. Kindly accept our prayers and confidence that the great and capable nation like Japan would overcome these tragedies.
On behalf of RRN, we would like to extend the deep heartfelt and most profound condolences through our partner organization ShaplaNeer to the people and the Government of Japan for the great loss of many lives and properties due to the recent disaster.(Ratna Karki、Program Director、Rural Reconstruction Nepal)



I’m also very sorry for this incident in Japan and I was fear about colleagues of Japan. After receiving your email I feel happy that our freinds are safe. But we have to help other colleagues of Japan also. I want to know that what type of help decided from Shapla Neer. (Leela Yadav、Program Manager、CAPCRON)



We are deeply shocked by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan on Friday, March 11, 2011. We would like to extend our deep condolences to the people and the Government of Japan for the great loss. We hope the people of Japan will recover soon from the devastating situation. We send our solidarity to our partner organization from Japan, SHAPLA NEER to provide support for the Japanese people caught in aftermath of earthquake and tsunami.(Sumnima Tuladhar、Executive Coordinator、Child Workers In Nepal Concerned Center)



All the staff members of the Centre for Self-help Development (CSD), Nepalhave been deeply shocked to know the loss of lives and property from the recent devastating earthquake and tsunami occurred in the north east part of Japan.

We extend our deep condolence for this disaster and hope the people of Japan and the Government will be able to rehabilitate and help the people to restore their normal life at an earliest possible.(Centre for Self-help Development)

CSD一同、震災と津波による被害および破損の知らせを聞き、ショックを受けています。心からお見舞い申し上げます。日本の政府と人々が一日でも早く日常生活に戻れるよう祈っています。 (CSD、ネパールでの最初のパートナー団体)


Nepal – Japan friendship and cooperation has created a glorious history and it initiated to flourish the close relation between two countries.

Japan cooperation and donation, in the fields of development in Nepal, is appreciable and excellent example of the relation of two countries.
Nepalese people have positive thinking towards Japanese and their nation. Nepalese people have gained appreciative knowledge and expertise from the development
system of Japan.

It is with profound. sadness and, a deep sense of sympathy that we learned. of the terrible earthquake of March 11, 2011 that hit the North East part of Japan, triggering a tsunami that caused Ioss of many lives, injuries and extensive destruction of properties.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to the government, people of Japan and more especially to the bereaved families and assure them of our solidarity in this moment of great sadness and dedicate our pray for eternal peace of deceased. We pay our s5rmpathy to those victims of the disasters by sharing sorrow with them.

We would like to extend our small support to the remaining bereaved families and to those still sufferings, as weII as we dedicate pray to regain good health for the victims.(Ram Kumar Shrestha/Chief Executive Officer & Swabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank Family NepaI)

ネパールと日本の友好関係と協力関係には輝かしい歴史があり、関係を深めてきました。特に、ネパールのための日本による支援協力は好例です。 ネパールの人々は日本と日本人の事を良く思っています。私たちは日本から有用な専門知識を学びました。 3月11日に起きた、東日本大震災および津波による被害および破損の知らせを聞き、悲しい気持ちでいっぱいです。日本の皆さん、ご家族の人を亡くされた人々へ支えとお祈りを申し上げます。 私たちはずっとあなた方の側にいて、祈り、支えます。今回の災害で命を亡くし、負傷した方々、家を含め全てを亡くした方々へお祈り申し上げます。 (CSD銀行、CSDからから派生した銀行)


WSDO.jpgWe express our sympathy to Japan who lost their people and resources by devastating earthquake and tsunami. We pray with God for endurance to

Japanese people in such a natural disaster. We commit that our sentiment with you forever. We also decided to provide small amount to Japanese people.  (Ramkali Khadka、Executive Director、 Women Skill Development Organization Family)



We all the staffs of Bhaktapur Craft Paper Ltd. are gravely shocked by the loss of lives and property caused by natural disaster Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. We  in this hour pray to give enormous strength to Japanese people to bear the situation and we are always with you.(Bishnu Dass Dangol/Executive Director,Bhaktapur Craft Paper Ltd. Family)



We are sorry to know about Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.We have been seeing news in the television and internet about it. We are very much relieved to receive your e-mail. We are happy that everyone at ShaplaNeer is safe. Our wishes and supports are always with  you.(Srishti Bajracharya/ Export Marketing Officer, ACP)



We are grieved and worried by the natural disaster caused by the earthquake and the tsunami. I just didn’t believe it’s happening while watching on TV live. Praying for safety of you and all Shapla Neer families. Please stay safe!! We are with you in this moment of grief and natural disaster, at least with the emotion and with our prayers. Please stay safe.(Sunil Chitrakar/Executive Director, Mahaguthi Craft With A Conscience)



Greetings from Sana Hastakala. We heard about the Earthquake in Japan. We are very worried regarding the situation.We hope that everyone is safe out there.  (Sana Hastakala Family)



We – Shyam, Mohini and I together with the Dhaka Weaves family offer our deepest condolences, moral support, and prayers to you your family and the Shapla Neer team in your office. The earthquake and tsunami has been very shocking and sobering. we are happy to learn from your office that at least the staff and families are all well.  but we know that you are still waiting to hear from all your partners – we join you in prayers for their safety.
Please know that in our hearts we are all with you, and do let us know if we can do anything for you here.(Rita Thapa、Founder、Dhaka Weaves)