SHAPLA NEER with Tokyo Marathon 2021 Charity, Your support is needed!


SHAPLA NEER = Citizens’ Committee in Japan for Overseas Support is one of the recipient programs of the Tokyo Marathon 2021 Charity.

We, SHAPLA NEER, would like to provide the opportunity that more people get to know about the reality of child labors, who are usually veiled and left out from the society, and take an action through sports.

We will use your donations through Tokyo Marathon 2021 with great care for girls working as domestic workers in Bangladesh.

Tokyo Marathon 2021 Charity

“Our charity program aims to provide an opportunity for those who run, support and cheer the Tokyo Marathon to think about social contributions, and deliver an opportunity to take action, with the hopes of uniting the hearts of each and every person closer to the society.”
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Tokyo Marathon 2021: Sunday March 7, 2021
Donation Period: 10:00 a.m. (JST) July 3 (Fri.) 2020 to 5:00 p.m. (JST) March 31 (Wed.) 2021

through Tokyo Marathon 2021 Charity Program

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※On account of the cancellation of the “Public part” of the Tokyo Marathon 2020, the registered runners have the right to run next year, in 2021 and Tokyo Marathon would not offer runners this year accordingly. Please note that we would accept the donations only this year. Thank you for your patience and kind understanding.

How your donation is used?

Who are Domestic workers?

There are several hundreds of thousands of girls working as domestic workers in Bangladesh. Since these girls work domestically where nobody can see them except their host, they are often physically and sexually abused and in the worst case, they are killed by their host. Most of these girls cannot go to school but work to support their family financially, thus their right to learn and the rights to the child are taken away.
>More about on our project “Support for Girls Working as Domestic workers”

For the Girls’ Future

Shaplaneer operates the learning centers for those working girls and the centers provide them with the opportunity to learn Bengali, which is their own language, English, and basic mathematics.。

We also provide the essential education such as how to prevent sexual violence and how to keep hygiene. Moreover, we implement technical lessons including knitting and ironing, and teach drawing, songs, and dance to let the girls spend their time not as a labor but as a child by organizing the sports and cultural fair.

We implement more professional and technical courses of knitting and dying to girls over 14 years old, who are out of the definition of child labor, in order that they can get a job apart from a domestic worker.


Girls studying at a learning centre


Girls enjoying vocational trainings at a learning centre

To make a change to the Society

To abolish child labor, it is required for us not only to approach working children directly but also to change the notion that “It’s not unusual to hire children.” within the Bangladeshi society as a whole

We enlighten the Bangladeshi civilian by implementing a workshop to parents and hosts of working children and disseminating the information on child labor on a radio program, and exchange our opinions with the local and Bangladeshi government


Talking about children’s rights on a local radio program


Attended a symposium on the theme of children’s rights

◆Your donations can support girls working as domestic workers.

For example;
・1,000 yen enables girls to take 2 lessons of reading and
・5,000 yen enables girls to take a cooking lesson, which
is popular among them.
・10,000 yen enables the host of working girls to attend a
workshop to understand the rights of the child.


◆We will send you an appreciation letter with a drawing that girls drew at a learning center.


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SHAPLA NEER is a recipient program of the Tokyo Marathon 2021. Please visit the official website of Tokyo Marathon 2021. Click here